Hua Dan Programmes

Children’s Education

Hua Dan’s Children’s Education runs both weekend programmes and summer camps that use theatre to inspire confidence, creativity and leadership in young people. We work with the children to identify challenges they face in their lives and use performance as a way to help them solve these issues and let their voices be heard in the community.

We also train senior participants to be part of a theatre troupe, to perform and be role models to other children in the community.

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Before coming here for a drama workshop, I was just like a small bird in cage, but after coming here I was like a bird getting freedom.

Lu Mingyuan
Lu Mingyuan

Women’s Empowerment

Hua Dan’s Women’s Empowerment workshops have two purposes:

  1. To enable migrant women to develop confidence, self-esteem and the ability to communicate effectively and empower others at the same time.
  2. To identify promising leaders in the community to be trained as Hua Dan facilitators in future workshops with other women and children.

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I used to be irritable before, just like a tiger, and usually beat my little sisters and brothers, while now I am like a bird, quite persistent when caught by someone, willing to fly to a free land.

Wang Lingyuan
Wang Lingyuan

Hand Made in China

Hua Dan’s theatre company, Hand Made in China, develops interactive theatre shows on Hua Dan themes , namely, women’s empowerment and Chinese migration. It shares a little-known side of Chinese culture with a wider audience. We have performed twice at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and, in 2014, won a Fringe First for our intimate show in a rickshaw, Moons, Migration and Messages.

We offer new views of China by sharing our experience of the bottom of the pyramid and our grassroots knowledge of one of the most fascinating periods in Chinese history.

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